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Väder Åsele

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Welcome to a small collection of the wealth that the district of Åsele has to offer. We would like to share some of it with you before your visit when we are sure you will find your own little piece of paradise.

Åsele , situated in the South of Lapland, is a society which dates back to the 17th century. In 1674, tax relief, hunting, fishing and favourable agricultural land, gave settlers a number of good reasons to move here and this is where 350 years later you meet Åsele and its inhabitants.

The district of Åsele stretches across a large area with a breath-taking scenery. Through high mountains and pine forests, water from the many springs and brooks are collected in lakes, rivers and water holes at lower ground. These are surrounded by amazing swamp lands, which during high summer, are coloured golden-red by succulent Cloudberries.

The beautiful Ångerman River runs through Åsele, which changes with and enhances the four seasons’ individuality.


Åsele is a community which dates back in time. This area was earlier called “Åsele lappmark”, which translates to “Lappish Land of Åsele”. The actual area was a lot larger than it is today and here, in the remote wilderness of the Lappish country, the Sami/Lappish people lived undisturbed until the end of the 17th century. The first pioneers arrived in 1674. In the small village of Gafsele a monument has been erected at the site. When the first church was built by the Sami/Lappish people in 1648, Åsele became a natural point of commercial trade. This is where everyone came to sell and buy, pay their taxes, settle legal disputes and get married. After 350 years, Åsele still holds the attraction of a market place.

The district of Åsele has many lovely old buildings to visit, for example the Folk Museums in Åsele and Fredrika. Here you can view beautiful items from days gone by. In Åsele there is also a unique collection of old clothes worth a visit.

The most famous cultural part of Åsele is the unique village of Torvsjö with its mills, cultural room and forestry centre. Here you can find one of Europe’s most peculiar water powered construction with a mill, threshing machine and a saw amongst a number of other things. It was hand made by the local farmers and shows great ingenuity. Here you will be invited on a journey into the days of the forestry and the log-driving era. In 1972, Torvsjö Mills where declared a building of great national importance and national heritage.

Folk Festival

One of the major events of the year takes place the third weekend of July, when one of Sweden’s biggest outdoor markets takes place in our small village. This is a huge arrangement that all inhabitants of Åsele together make possible. This market celebrated its 350 year jubilee in 1998.

During Åsele Market’s four days and nights this popular festivity spills out into the streets and squares of the village. As part of the 150 000 visitors who strolls around the 1100 markets stands, you can enjoy and take part in different arrangements like competitions, live music, exhibitions and performances with artists from across the world. It goes without saying that there is a fair ground for those of you who like the thrill of a fast ride! There are also a variety of foods on offer should you get hungry. At night-time there are lots on offer at “Trillen”, an entertainment area by the river, with famous artists on stage, tribute bands, a beer tent, discos and dancing.

You can safely say that Åsele Market has something for everyone!

The summer market is not the only event when it comes to arrangements. We also hold a Winter market each year, “Åsele Nappet” a big jigging competition, Spring and Midsummer celebrations and much more.


To breathe fresh air, find peace and tranquillity, drink clean water and harvest what nature gives us, without the worry of pollution, are things very close to the heart of the people of Åsele. Our environment gives us a unique quality of life. Here in Åsele there are a lot of things that together gives us life satisfaction.

Our way of life also means that we do not have to worry about violence in our streets. We all know our fellow inhabitants. Our “celebrities” are people who work in the local shops, restaurants, local council, banks and the post-office. This in turn means that you, as a visitor, will be greeted in a personal and pleasant way anywhere in the community.


For more information, please contact:

Åsele Camping

Tel: +46-(0)941-109 04, E-mail: info@aselecamping.se


Åsele Turistbyrå

Tel: +46-(0)941-140 78, Fax: +46-(0)941-140 79, E-mail: turistinfo@asele.se

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